Playing Fields: Coming to a DVD player near you soon!

Posted by Route One on 27th November 2013

Chances are a large percentage of you reading this weren’t out of nappies, let alone skating,  when seminal UK skate video ‘Playing Fields’ was first released in 1997.

Featuring Alex Moul, Frank Stephens, Danny Wainwright, Colin Kennedy, Ben Rodriguez, Mark Channer and more, this was THE video of the late nineties and perfectly captured the insane level of skateboarding that was going down on these shores back then.

The great news is after a number of years’ hard work, remastering the original Betamax master tapes, the DVD is very close to dropping and this is going to be an essential purchase for anyone who cares about British skateboarding. The latest trailer is online now to whet your appetites. Get stuck in!