Plazacation: Pulaski

Posted by Route One on 16th April 2020

Casimir Pulaski, Polish nobleman, soldier and military commander, together with counterpart Michael Kovats de Fabriczy, was the "father of the American Cavalry," so say those who remember his reform of American equine troops and his martyrdom at the hands of British forces at the Battle of Savannah. 

What does that have to do with a Darren Harper narration and Tiago Lemos' continued reign of four wheeled destruction? More than you'd care to know actually! 

Freedom Plaza, Washington DC's granite walled memorial (dedicated to Martin Luther King since 1988), contains an equestrian statue to General Pulaski and it through this the area birthed its colloquial name amongst its skateboarding locals. Home to generation after generation of DC street ripper, in these post Love Park days Pulaski Plaza remains the final vestige of a once strong East Coast plaza scene and, as such, holds esteem the world over.

And so, to celebrate over 30 years of continued skateboard reverie on its hallowed blocks, Thrasher has produced this truly exceptional edit, capturing the peak performance of the plaza's most recent users. From Suciu to Lemos, Curtin to Worrest, we get to witness peak American Street skating in its most original of settings. This is one you'll enjoy.