Polar Skate Co. - 'I Like It Here Inside My Mind, Please Don't Wake Me Up This Time.'

Posted by Route One on 23rd February 2016

Pontus Alv has done it again, directing and producing one of the most creative alternative skate videos to be released in 2016 and probably the last decade of skateboard video releases.

It's not easy to stand out in any sort of crowd these days, and this rule is especially applicable to the skateboarding crowd, having a compelling niche to any other brand out there is a hard task at the best of times, but Polar Skate Co. seem to have nailed it.
Having re-watched previously released edits and projects from Polar to hype us up prior to the premiere, we were really excited and stoked to be invited by the kind folk at Keen Distribution to come along and sample the delights.

This was by far the busiest, and most energetic premiere we've attended to recent memory, literally queuing up like sardines to reach the screen doors for the later 2nd viewing whilst the first bombardment of attendees barged their way through the mass of giddy skater humans.
With keen ears covered (don't want to hear spoiler comments) we proceeded to the seating, some less fortunate on the steps and floor with beers in hand. Pontus took to the stage to firstly apologise for the Dolby surround being intense as the movie wasn't designed for it and to thank everyone for coming along and being patient...
Before we knew it, he was on the screen flying around the world with his umbrella in hand shortly followed by an onslaught of instagram breaker style NBD's and combos.

Notably amongst the large roster of talent, we saw all terrain killers Oski and David taking down Swedish concrete, followed by technical finesse from Hjalte, footplant, super fast stunts from Polands gnarliest Juras, no comply insanity from Dane, and Kevin Rodrigues taking MVP in our opinion.
4:3 format, VX, skateboarding bangers...

We don't want to give too much away.