Politic’s Peoples Temple

Posted by Route One on 11th December 2013

Politic Skateboards (they’re the rad East Coast brand with the Sheffield Wednesday logo) have just announced the addition of the amazing Dave Caddo to the team with the release of eight minutes of visual goodness in ‘Peoples Temple’.

Featuring Danny Renaud, Steve Durante and the rest of the team alongside the newest addition, this is raw street action of the highest order.

Lines galore, the best looking spots imaginable and the joy of recording it all on whatever format was available without a care for ‘HD cleanliness’ or strict ‘VX rawness’.

We apologise for sharing this with you because the second it finishes you’re going to want to get straight out that door and go shred; if the weather isn’t conducive to that we cannot be held responsible for the stoke the vid gave you!

Politic Presents Peoples Temple from Politic. on Vimeo.