Primitive Skateboarding Presents Carlos Ribeiro

Posted by Route One on 4th August 2015

Earlier this summer three fifths of the Primitive Skateboards team completed their first ever international demo at Bay Sixty6 skate park in London and, as entertaining as it was watching main man P-rod doing what he always does (that’s properly destroying the street course), the most enjoyable aspect of the evening was experiencing just how exceptional a talent Carlos Ribeiro is.

This new part, released through the Berrics, can only serve to launch the young Brazilian into the pro ranks; the skateboarding involved is so far beyond the realms of that of your average professional that it would be criminal to keep the Nike backed ripper on the am roster any longer!

As expected the filming is beautiful and the soundtrack is pretty dope but that all falls to the wayside when switch flip back nose blunts are being taken across full size picnic tables though! Enjoy…