Pro to Flow: The Retirement of Cairo

Posted by Route One on 24th January 2019

Few skateboarders will ever be lucky enough to have even half the career of Robert 'Cairo' Foster and even fewer will have the good fortune to ride for a company that values their service as much as enjoi.

 Always the ones to do their own thing, enjoi have not only released this lovingly crafted retrospective edit containing four and a half minutes of his greatest on board moments but they also held a retirement party in his honour and made it a surprise do as well!

 "Pro to Flow" saw dozens of the biggest names in Los Angeles skateboarding ventured down to the old American Apparel factory for a bespoke Cairo quiz, the chance to watch a whole host of parts and the opportunity to celebrate the retirement of one of the greatest in the biz. 

 Though we can't recreate free beers and the questions of the night we can share with you the best of the footage, which is exactly what we're doing right now. Click play to see the send off for one of the best.