Raiders Of The Lost Park

Posted by Route One on 18th May 2017

Regular visitors to Sidewalk Magazine's Facebook page will no doubt remember the often hilarious postings of "concrete dog eggs" last summer; appealing to fans to send in pictures of the absolute worst skate parks our fair Isle has to offer produced some truly mind-boggling results and kept many of us entertained for weeks.

Top of the pile for downright rubbish-ness (as voted for by you, the viewing public) was Guiseley's Nunroyd Park. To celebrate the awe inspiring calamity the poor locals tragically call home Sidewalk assembled a rag tag crew of Leeds based rippers to try and prove that fun can be had in the most distressingly abysmal of council provided arenas. This video illustrates it most certainly can!

Featuring Death Skateboards' Sam 'Blinky' Hutchinson, UK Revive associate Olly Roberts, Yorkshire Fabric representative Will Sheerin and the amazing talents of the one and only Dean Greensmith (who backside flips a spine!?!) it's safe to say the weathered tin ramps of Guiseley will unlikely see a session like this one any time soon. Hopefully though it'll make you think twice about that local monstrosity you avoid like the plague because, as demonstrated here, all you need for fun is you, your mates and your skateboard - it really doesn't matter at all where you're playing!