Real 'Surveillance #6'

Posted by Route One on 23rd May 2017

You simply can't mess with Real. Current home to two of the past four SOTYs (and perhaps the greatest ever skater to not win the award in Dennis Busenitz), a past roster containing a veritable who's who of the best of all time and 26 years of a no nonsense approach that shames the rest of the gimmick laden industry. We've said it once but we're not afraid to say it again, you simply can't mess with Real.

With a back catalogue of video production that is the envy of all, Real's media pedigree is second to none, which is why we're so stoked they've just released their latest 'Surveillance' series clip over on the Thrasher Website!

This time focusing on the interminable skills of Chima Ferguson, Justin Brock and Davis Torgerson, the short but snappy edits focus on the very best aspects of skateboarding; these guys are pushing themselves and trying their darndest to get radical but are doing it with their mates in tow and never once forgetting that fun is the overriding factor in all of this. This is definitely your 'get hyped' clip for the week!