Real ‘Through and Through’

Posted by Route One on 7th October 2015

Well that caught us by surprise! Legendary SF outfit Real Skateboards dropped a proper one on us all with the release of this brand new 17 minute long video on the Thrasher website.

Edited primarily as a series of montages, this showcases the wide range of talent Jim Thiebaud has put together for this current incarnation of the legendary brand. From former SOTY Ishod destroying the gnarliest of rails (the 5.0 through a double kink is particularly insane) through veteran vert ripper Max Schaff via some quite spectacular all terrain stunts from the rest of the crew – this is some serious skateboarding!

In an industry, nay world, driven by hype it’s refreshing to see a brand just drop something like this out of the blue. In fact the only down side is we now have to assume it’s going to be a while before we get anything else from them (but that’s just us being greedy!).