REAL's "Surveillance #2 Kyle Walker" Video

Posted by Route One on 12th October 2016

Real skateboards are about as legit as it gets in this crazy world of skateboarding we all inhabit and any footage they put out is met with almost religious fervour by fans of the brand (and top quality skating) the second it hits the airwaves. This brand new part from Oaklahomie Kyle Walker is not about to buck that trend...

Having had one of the stand out parts in last year's Vans cinematographic opus 'Propeller' K Walks has been on the down low since; evidently he's been working towards this beast of a part, released this week through the Thrasher Website.

Never one to shy away from the gnarliest of obstacles, Kyle brings the next level of gnar to the table with some truly breathtaking 'stunt skateboarding', which makes for a healthy and welcome alternative to all the 'relatable' stuff that has ,lets be fair, definitely outstayed its welcome now. We need heroes in this beloved pastime of ours and wallies before trickle flips out of kerb cuts are never gonna bring those our way. Real are addressing the balance and "thank goodness" we say - skateboarding needs to get exciting again!