Rick McCrank: The Route One Interview Pt.2

Posted by Route One on 4th April 2018

Fresh on the heels of last week's inaugural sojourn into the world of 2018 skateboard interviews, we're proud to bring you part two of our exclusive chat with the one and only Rick McCrank!

Girl and Lakai legend Rick may have taken a somewhat steadier approach over recent years (not least because of a career-halting ankle injury) but a killing spree in the early 00's, the likes of which had never really been seen before, means his name is still revered in hushed tones to this day. And when we tell you he's planning on doing his utmost to make a brand new part happen this year? Well we'll forgive you for getting a little exited at the prospect, just like us!

It's not just his plans for a forthcoming full part that we discuss with him here though. No, much like last week's opener, Rick talks openly and honestly about the goings on in his life right now and his feelings about the years that got him where he is today. Covering everything from the subtle differences in working methods of skate filming royalty to his retail experiences as an owner of Antisocial Skate Shop, Rick is a true OG and tells it like it is. Here's hoping the current generation have their heads as switched on as your man McCrank because this chap does it right!