Road Less Travelled: Sandoval’s Section Re-cut

Posted by Route One on 26th February 2014

Chula Vista’s gnarliest son, Zero Pro Tommy Sandoval gets the remix treatment for his exceptional part in last year’s Fallen Footwear release ‘Road Less Travelled’, via the Hellaclips website.

The original videographer of the project, Mike Gilbert, is at the helm again and he comes through with making an already shocking part seem all the more (for want of a much, much better word) [/cringes as he types] extreme.

Whilst we wouldn’t ever suggest trying to ollie a ‘big 4’ with a beer bottle in your mouth, as it is frankly exceedingly dangerous, you know when someone has the words “Die Trying” tattooed to their chest that safety isn’t top of their priority list and the skateboarding they commit to film is sure to be insane!

Hellaclips Exclusive: Tommy Sandoval Fallen "Road Less Traveled" recut by Mike Gilbert from Hellaclips on Vimeo.