Rodney Mullen: The Route One Interview Teaser

Posted by Route One on 19th November 2015

We caught up with Rodney Mullen whilst he was in the UK on the Globe Footwear EU Trippin' tour earlier this year for this exclusive Route One interview.

Rodney Mullen is more than just a legend when it comes to skateboarding, he is the godfather of street skating! Not only did he invent the Heelflip, the 360 Flip and the Impossible, but the man invented the flat ground Ollie!

In this interview, we cover with Rodney; his involvement with Globe footwear, his injury, how he is moving forward from it and the possibility of him filming again.

His injury came after he developed problems in his right hip, and he talks about how he needed to stretch and tear the scar tissue himself and how this whole experience ultimately made him change his skateboarding stance.

Be sure to catch Part 1 of this interview next week and look out for the signed goodie giveaway coming up soon.