Rough Cut: Corey Duffel

Posted by Route One on 7th March 2018

Everyone knows that the idea of a 'rough cut' edit, first popularised by Emerica's excellent 'Made' series, is just an excuse for brand marketers to get extra mileage from a project once initial hype has died down. Although this somewhat cynical view on the matter is demonstrably true, it doesn't detract from the fact that they're a seriously enjoyable way to see even more of your favourite pro's and witness the intensity of the battles they take just to entertain us!

Obviously we're big fans of the Duffman here at Route One; literally destroying his body for the best part of twenty years and always staying true to his own style, regardless of fashions and trends, Corey is skateboarding personified and we were as stoked as anyone to see him reappear from the (cataclysmic) abyss earlier this year with a brand new part.

216K views in a little over a month suggest the viewing public were equally as enamoured with Corey's 'pedal to the metal' full speed approach and so we reckon the release of the off cuts video (shared below) is gonna do quite well for itself too so check it out now!