Rough Cut: Wes Kremer's 'Brain Gone' Part

Posted by Route One on 20th December 2017

Last week's 48 hour window in which to watch Sk8 Mafia's sterling new release 'Brain Gone' might not have been long enough for everyone to get in on the action, but the guys at the mafia have done the decent thing and put out Wes' raw cut out for us all to enjoy at our leisure.

Everyone knows the hottest ticket in skateboard media these past twelve months is the raw and unadulterated 'Rough Cut' - Joe Public like to see attempts as much as he like to see makes and people like Wes bring their A game when it comes to trying! The brands love it too; who cares about expensive music rights or editors fees when you can bob a clip out with bugger all effort in either quarter!

Skate marketing techniques to one side, Wes confirms his wizard level status (as if he hadn't already) with some truly mindboggling skate trickery that will leave you scratching your head and begging for more. Shuving later than everyone else and skating rocks like they're a back yard kicker, DC Footwear's San Diego loc is a definitive all time great. 14 minutes may seem like a long time at the start but by the end it's gone far too quick; Wes footy is gold, that you can rely upon.