Route One Boys At Newbird

Posted by Route One on 25th June 2014

As you know, the weekend before last saw the cream of the UK skate scene get together at Warrington’s fantastic Ramp 1 Skate Park for the northern leg of the annual ‘Vans Shop Riot’ competition.

Seeing as though we were sending the lads along anyway, we figured we might as well make a weekend of it and decided to spend Saturday skating the legendary Liverpool DIY skatepark Newbird.  Obviously we thought it best to capture the afternoon’s skating on film so you guys can see for yourself just how much the place is worth the effort of a visit!

Featuring TM Josh Young, ‘The Pume’ Doug Mclaughlan, Nick Remon and Nicky Howells, the vid shows just how much fun the place is (when you avoid the cracks, eh Manhead?). Have a watch then hit-up the National Rail website and get yourself a train booked – the Liverpool scene has to be one of the friendliest in the country and the park couldn’t be radder!

An afternoon at Newbird a Skateboarding video by Route One