Route One Interview - Nick Garcia & Julien Davidson

Posted by Route One on 22nd April 2016

Route One sent a bunch of questions over to America via the wonders of the internet to quiz the minds of Nick Garcia and Julien Davidson on recent happenings and their newly released Etnies x Element collaborations.
Here's what they had to say...

Julien Davidson

Nick Garcia

High guys, it’s two years since we last spoke (Etnies Excess Baggage tour), how’s life been treating you?

"It's been good man. Just been skating a ton filming for a couple of projects and enjoying every second of it. Well almost every second of it....there's always those days."

"I know right. That was an amazing trip!. I've been doing really well man, skating everyday just enjoying everyday with all my special friends. Coming back from some ankle injuries but it's been a great feeling just be able to skate around again."

So, the Etnies x Element collab: How did that come about?

"Element and Etnies are obviously mutual sponsors of Julian and I, and they both have these environmental programs, so collaborating on a project that benefited those programs just seemed obvious."

"Nick and I both ride for each of the company's so we always thought it would be cool to get a collaboration going . Both of the Brands were down so it worked out perfectly! I think the shoes turned out f***ing sick."

What is it about the various models of Jameson Series that made you guys want it to be that shoe? I know you’ve both had signature versions of it out before…

"I skate the Jameson vulc almost exclusively right now. Julian helped design the Jameson ELite and has been skating it for a while... I just think neither of us would want our names tied to a shoe we didn't skate."

"Honestly, I just love skating cup sole shoes because I get pretty sore feet sometimes. I love the elite because it has a nice round toe, they're so prime when they're broken in."

The bloodline series means a tree is planted for every shoe sold; how important are these environmental ethics to you both?

"Pretty important. I think it's our responsibility to ourselves, but more so our children and grandchildren, to stay true to this code of ethics and contribute to the major shift in consciousness that it will take to maintain our rapidly growing society and this planet as we know it."

"I think it's a beautiful thing! We need more trees and less buildings ya know?..."

The clothing line is looking really sick too, how hands on were you both in the design process?

"We saw the first drawings and we didn’t get too much into it.  The clothing complemented the shoes with simple graphics and colors so it was a go."

"I didn't have to much creative control on the clothes. I’m stoked on how they turned out though, the boards look epic too!"

As cousins, both riding for the same footwear and shoe sponsors, do you sometime have to pinch yourselves to appreciate that you’ve both made it and get to experience this together?

"All the time."

"Sometimes, I do honestly have to look at how far we've come as one. It's really a trip to have made it with someone I respect so much and looked up to growing up. I have to say it's a true honor to be able to skate for the same companies as Nick. I wouldn't have it any other way."

Element is going from strength to strength with the addition of the likes of Westgate and Mason Silva joining the ranks, how exciting is it to be a part of it right now?
And the Element video is coming up, can we expect full parts from each of you?

"It's really exciting to be a part of and it's an honor to have my name alongside all these dudes who I respect so much, and to get to see the world and make memories with them.....filming for this video has been a blast so far and, yeah, barring any unforeseen circumstances (knock on wood) we should both have full parts."

"It's unreal! Westgate and Masonic are the shit, I love their skating so much. Real raw skateboarding and I love it. Proud to say I'm on the same team as those kings! Hmm, as for a part I'm having some technical difficulties, but I really hope I can come through with something for the video, just stoked to be skating again . As for Nick, woo wee! His part is going to be nuts, he's been killing himself!"

As well as the full length, you’re both big in the Instagram game; how important do you feel it to have an online relationship with the fans in this day and age?

"I don't know how important it really is, but I know that I definitely enjoy it.. Instagram is a constant stream of inspiration and laughs and just general's not too bad for the occasional ego check/ boost either."

"I mean I like Instagram I have nothing against it . It's such a great tool for a fan to reach out to you, or seeing what the homies are doing half way across the world. The only that bothers me is when people do tricks at spots and just post them straight on to Instagram when I would of used that in my part ha ha. It's just rude, I'm kidding... I mean if your that good then f**k it right? It's just not my style is all."

Finally, once the video drops, what do you guys have coming up? A skater’s life rarely includes a rest!

"I'm not really looking anywhere past these video projects, to be honest. I just want to immerse myself in them and then cross that bridge when I come to it."

"I’m not to sure actually, I just want to film more video parts, that's all..."

etnies X element from etnies on Vimeo.