Route One's 'Rails Across Russia' Part 3 - Perm

Posted by Route One on 12th November 2013

The third and final video of the Rails Across Russia web series concludes the epic journey and adventure the Route One snowboard team took across Russia back in February. In this episode the team leave Nizhny Novgorod and take a 13 hours train ride along the Trans-Siberian route further into the Russian abyss.

They were once again greeted by local snowboarders that they had been in contact with to help them find spots to ride. They also got invited to a local ski hill where a snowboard competition was put on with the team asked to MC throughout and present the prizes. Quite a unique experience for the boys to say the least.

If you haven't seen part 1 or part 2 yet don't delay any longer and follow the links and getting watching!