Ryan Decenzo: The Route One Interview

Posted by Route One on 24th August 2016

Anyone with even the slightest interest in the goings on of skateboarding on this fair isle can't fail to have been aware of the veritable destruction laid down to our parks when the Dwindle Euro Summer vacation kicked off proceedings in London and Manchester last month.

Rolling into the UK with a who's who from the likes of Cliche, Almost, Zero, Darkstar, Enjoi and Blind, thousands were left stoked meeting their heroes and witnessing the  mind blowing array of abilities in the flesh. As fans ourselves we were stoked to be able to attend the Pumpcage demo (Tommy Sandoval's f/s flip was off the charts) but even more so to do what we like to think we do quite well; spend some time with the guys behind the 'stardom' and find about a little bit more about the lads themselves.

Cue our interview with Darkstar pro, long time Globe representative and owner of the best front three in the business: Mr Ryan Decenzo. Hailing from a small suburb on the outskirts of Vancouver, Ryan has steadily built a name for himself as one of the best ever from the great white north, recently cementing his celebrity with a truly astonishing 'Red Dragons' part for Thrasher magazine. He's also genuinely a really nice fella to boot; always good when you're sitting down for a chat!

Click play to hear the back story of the Wallenberg front 3, becoming a Red Dragon and so much more - Ryan is the man!