Sam Ruling Selfridges (And The HTC ONE Park)

Posted by Route One on 2nd April 2014

As part of their spring season delving in to the depths of the urban landscape, legendary London department store Selfridges are getting involved in the skateboard game, as you have no doubt seen online.

Debate rages about the core aspects of haute couture designers producing board graphics and £9000 decks made from petrified wood but what is certainly a winner is the brand new HTC ONE sponsored park, deep in the bowels of the Selfridges building itself.

Free to use for all and seemingly brilliantly put together, the recreation of many legendary London skate spots is drawing people from all over, including our very own Sam Beckett who pops up in the combined project from Sidewalk and Kingpin.

The park will be available to use until the 19th of April so if you find yourself in London on a rainy day you could do a lot worse than hit it up, then maybe drop a few thousand pounds on the hippest of spring 14’s art installations.

Sidewalk and Kingpin at the HTC One Skatepark. a Skateboarding video by Sidewalk