Santa Cruz Euro Tour

Posted by Route One on 1st November 2017

We know quite a few of you managed to catch the Santa Cruz boys on the British leg of their tour early this summer, but we also know even more of you weren't lucky enough to be able to witness the boys first hand. With that in mind we're super stoked that the official video of the tour has just dropped over on the brand's Youtube channel!


Featuring man of the moment Erick Winkowski alongside team mates Tom Remillard, Kevin Braun and Tom Asta, the clip follows the lads as they spend a few weeks sampling the skate park (and street spot) gold of a number of European cities. As everyone one in attendance will testify, the Stockwell session will go down in local folklore as one of the gnarliest evenings the fabled concrete has ever witnessed and, on the evidence presented to us here, it seems the pattern was repeated pretty much everywhere they went over the following couple of weeks.


Clocking in at over 22 minutes, this is the kind of tour vid you'd have paid a tenner to buy a decade ago; there's stellar demo footage of course (kicking off with the aforementioned Stockwell slaying) but also the stuff you really wanna see - those private sessions where the boys take in legendary spots as bona fide skate tourists and try their hand at leaving their mark. It's safe to say, with winter well and truly on the way, we're gonna have this reminder of warm summer fun on repeat for quite some time!