Serious Sam: New Bird, Needle And The Dust Bowl (The Ballad Of)

Posted by Route One on 3rd May 2016

To those of you with an ear for modern folk music, or anyone familiar with the West Yorkshire skate scene for that matter, the names ‘Serious Sam Barret’ needs no introduction. For the rest of you he’s that guy whose songs you’ve heard in numerous UK videos, including many a Sidewalk Magazine production, you just didn’t know who it was that was singing.

Sam’s latest song, available to purchase through his Bandcamp profile, sees him wax lyrical about the trials, tribulations and downright joy provided by three of the North’s premier DIY skate spots and is accompanied by tons of archive footage. Entitled ‘New Bird, Needle and the Dust Bowl (the ballad of)’, Route One riders Doug McLaughlin and Manhead both feature heavily and produce some downright hammers for your viewing pleasure.

As if the artistic merit of the piece wasn’t enough, all proceeds from the sale of the single will go towards the upkeep and additional building costs for the three DIY spots name checked – if that isn’t something worth getting behind we don’t know what is.