Sk8Mafia United Nations

Posted by Route One on 9th December 2015

Peter Smolik’s rag tag bag of fun time merchants from San Diego are the latest to get the Berrics' ‘United Nations’ treatment and, even in a week that has seen the latest Nike SB and F.A releases hit the airwaves, we have to say this is one of our favourite clips in quite a while!

Sk8Mafia may well count current SOTY Wes Kremer amongst their numbers (and he makes a more than worthwhile appearance here) but he is far from the be all and end all of the brand; Smolik himself, alongside the likes of Kellen James, Jimmy Cao, the legendary Brandon ‘Lil B’ Turner, Jake Brown, Tyler Surrey and many more make this an exceedingly memorable clip and something that is sure to hype you up for all those indoor sessions over these coming wet and cold winter months.

Often we feel it necessary to list a few tricks to help build the hype for and to  steer you in the direction of the ’play’ button. This time however we feel we only need mention the very first one:  Benihana 5050 on a quarter.

You know where the play button is…