Sk8Mafia’s South West Hemiz Tour

Posted by Route One on 19th August 2015

The biggest party team in skateboarding (that’s Smolik’s Sk8Mafia if you didn’t already know) have produced the goods yet again with this cracking 13 minutes of hammer ridden tour life goodness, all neatly packaged up for you via the Thrasher website.

Obviously the skating is top notch and cities like SLC, Phoenix, Denver, Vegas get their finest terrain given a right proper seeing to, Sk8Mafia style!

Featuring recent R1 interview subject (and 2014 SOTY of course) Wes Kremer plus Li’l B, Kellen James, Jamie Pallmore and others, this is how a tour video should be made. A big ol’ crew rolling deep, multiple demos, stoked kids and late night shred missions into the great unknown make this the perfect hype tool – Smolik and the Mafia never let you down!