Skate Mental Road Hogs

Posted by Route One on 6th April 2016

Kicking things off with a Fernando Bramsmark slam of truly nightmarish proportions, Skate Mental document their trip to America’s South Dakota heartlands and its monumental tribute to iconic Presidents passed in the Keystone Black Hills (that’s Mount Rushmore to you and me).

Filmed by Joey Digital, the Transworld guys drew the lucky straw with this one, hosting a proper road trip of classic proportions; the affore mentioned Darkness, alongside owner Brad Staba, Dan Plunket, Karsten Kleppan and laying waste to every park and piece of partially skateable terrain in their wake.

As our damp and dark winter slowly abates it’s time we were all thinking about dusting off the tents and make summer plans for hitting the road. Few vids are gonna inspire you to do so as much as this one so click play then get planning a road trip with the guys/gals or whoever it is you skate with. Forget about street league or thousand dollar collab jackets that you have to queue up two weeks for – this is skateboarding.