Skater's Favourite Skater

Posted by Route One on 22nd February 2018

The term "Skater's skater" is something often bandied about in industry circles (and chats initiated by grown men still in love with those beautifully crafted seven plies). Never referring to the follower of hottest trend or the latest fad, the root of this nomenclature stems from an individual that transcends all the nonsense and just straight up rips. Your Nan sure as hell won't of heard of him or her, but if you drop the name down the local park all the old guys will nod in approval and you'll find common ground, despite the generational differences.

With this in mind, Transworld recently debuted a brand new series focusing on the very idea of celebrating skateboarder's favourite skateboarders and episode one kicks of with free wheeling switch loose canon Vincent Alvarez talking lucidly about his love for the Mark Gonzales.

Obviously the Gonz needs no introduction or sharing of archive clips to familiarise you all with his contribution to skateboarding history, so we'll hand you straight over to Vincent to fill you in on his love. Before we do though we have to say we're quite excited about this series; if they continue in this vein it really could be something quite special!