Skater's Favourite Skater: Hiroki Muraoka

Posted by Route One on 5th August 2020

We've covered this series from Transworld before, mainly because it offers a really interesting insight into the skaters who have shaped and inspired the approaches of our own favourites. And these influences often come out of left field; like Snoop Dog being a Willy Nelson fan, you just don't see the connection!

But in this instance, and we mean no disrespect to Traffic's Hiroki Muraoka, we're sharing this purely as an opportunity to fan out over the one and only Kenny Reed. Nicknamed 'The Traveller' due to his penchant for visiting far away shores (and his collection of native headwear), those not au fait with his work could easily be forgiven for assuming a certain level of gimmick in his career - this couldn't be further from the truth. Sure, he skated spots nobody had ever seen with backdrops nobody ever recognised but he did so with quite possibly the greatest style skateboarding has ever known.

If you haven't seen Static 2, Seven Year Glitch or the legendary Ipath Promo then you simply must get acquainted with Niverville's finest and this is the perfect opportunity to do it!