Sour 'Instagram Killed The Video Star'

Posted by Route One on 20th July 2017

Truth be told, this has been a glorious week for skateboarding video releases. We could so easily have posted 10 other thing in the place of this (including quite possibly the greatest stand alone clip of 2017 so far, Mason Silva's face melt melting 'Pro' part for Element) but, given Sour Skateboards footage means more from ultimate skateboard wizard Gustav Tonnesen, we decided to plump for this.

The premise is simple, Jenkem Mag host a 24 minute consolidation of the best Sour insta clips and jokingly channel the infamous Bugles tune for the self parodying title, hoping for a few views and little else. Only it's turned out to be one of the best full length's of the year! Which is not surprising given the strength and depth of the team...

Barney kills it as you'd expect, Albert brings his usual insanity and EJP never disappoints. Then you have Gustav, wonderful wonderful Gustav. In a fairer universe Gustav Tonneson would be the most handsomely paid "athlete" on the planet. As it is though, all we can offer to pay him is praise; praise for making skateboarding, in an era of massive sports contracts and constant narcissism, the most heart-achingly beautiful thing in the world. 

We don't say this often but please watch this; skateboarding isn't really about massive sportstars and global fashion deals, it's mates playing about, having bants and sometimes creating something truly beautiful - few things encapsulate that as well as Sour Skateboards 'Instagram Killed The Video Star.'