Spitfire Wheels: Arson Dept

Posted by Route One on 24th October 2017

The Spitfire wheels boys have sent their video editing laptop into overdrive of late, churning out some of the best content we've ever seen from the brand and, when you consider the depth of the team these days, it's easy to see why they're making the most of their crew!


This brand new ten minute video, focusing on the insane talents of Kent's Harry Lintell (interspersed with clips from pretty much the whole team) showcases the not only the on-board skills from some of the greatest in the game, but also the seemingly endless supply of insane terrain on offer in DLX's home town of SF.


Of course Harry does our nation proud, producing the kind of footage Stateside that we've all known he's capable of, but he's not the only stand out in this video. Truth be told, even when you consider the fact that everyone from Busenitz to Evan Smith has a clip or two, it's definitely the Euro boys that are igniting the blue touch paper in this one. Jarne Verbruggen produces the goods once again and the ever exciting Jacapo Carozi more than steps it up a notch. Then there's DVDL. Let's just say the best skateboarder in the world keeps getting better and leave it at that eh? After all, you don't want the surprise of the ender ruining, do you? 


In fact we'll answer that for you: you definitely don't!