Spitfire x Anti Hero: Tony Trujillo

Posted by Route One on 9th June 2017

New Trudge footage! Much like the great white buffalo or those fabled hen's teeth, Tony Trujillo footage is notoriously hard to come by but, when it does appear, its ability to inspire and delight rarely falls short.

Opening with a literal interpretation of the term 'Backside Powerslide' and containing more than a fistful of the timeless style that propelled his name stratospheric back in 2002 through Transworld's 'In Bloom,' this completely unexpected Thrasher hosted part is classic TNT and we couldn't be more stoked about it!

Featuring a number of highly impressive cameos from the shared roster of the two brands (Frank Gerwer's long and tall Lipslide in particular brings that all important "ooft!" factor) and accompanied by a belting bit of metallic thrash it is, all things considered, exactly what we needed to bring the stoke after the stinking weather we've had all week. If you're wanting to get gnarly down the local this weekend this is definitely the pre session hype you've been asking for, so click on that play button right this instant!