Stephen Cox interviews Megan Baltimore

Posted by Route One on 28th July 2015

This actually came out on the Sidewalk Site last week so you’ll have to forgive us our tardiness in posting this but we figured it was far too good to let it pass under your radar.

Last year Stephen Cox of ‘The Deaf Lens’ fame conducted a series of interviews with the main players at Girl to coincide with the ‘Twenty Years of Chocolate’ celebrations. Having spoken with the likes of Rick Howard and Spike Jonze, Coxy tentatively  turned his thoughts towards the rarest of skateboarding opportunities; the chance to speak with Megan Baltimore.

For those of you that are unaware, Megan is THE driving force behind the business of Girl and Chocolate skateboards. Yeah, Rick, Mike and Spike are very important players but without Ms Baltimore’s steadying hand behind the scenes the biggest board brand in skateboarding simply wouldn’t exist.

This is fascinating reading and we implore you to take the time and sit down and mull over her words; she’s had more impact on this life we love than you could ever know! Click the image below to get straight on it.