Supra Dispatched London

Posted by Route One on 14th October 2015

Did you see our Lizard King interview earlier this year? Well that was taken during the Supra Footwear dispatch tour and the video chronicling the London leg has appeared online.

The idea of the series was to visit a city and spend time with the ‘legends’ of the scene. Thus being able to really appreciate the ups and downs experienced in the name of skateboarding over the years and subsequently understand what makes the local scenes tick. And, to be fair, this video does a great job of that.

As Erik Ellington’s words ring out over the opening montage you get the feeling that this is genuinely going to pay homage to those folk who have kept their city’s scene alive over the decades, as well as see some amazing skateboarding.  As a British skateboarder this really does deserve your time and attention.