Thaynan Costa Is Pro!

Posted by Route One on 21st March 2017

Enjoi skateboards tend to make turning their riders pro something a little bit special; who can forget Zach Wallin backside nollieing the infamous Wallenberg four to then be embraced by TM Louie Barletta, holding his brand new pro deck? Moments like that last a life time!

So, it's safe to say that when the guys at Dwindle chose to promote Brazilian-cum-Portuguese ripper Thaynan Costa to professional, it wasn't done with a simple email or by text. We were lucky enough to be invited to interview Thaynan straight after the festivities so we'll leave it to the horse's mouth to explain exactly what went down (keep an eye out for the interview dropping in the next few weeks!), in the meantime you can see exactly why his ascension to the pro ranks was so deserving with these raw outtakes from his unbelievable DC 'De La Calle / Da Rua' part.

Check out our series of enjoi decks here, if they can make you Ollie one foot back lip like Thaynan they have to be worth their weight in gold!