The Empire Games’ Wall of Death

Posted by Route One on 19th August 2015

Held in conjunction with Converse (alongside the likes of Volcom, Polar and Spitfire), the Empire Games’ Wall of Death comp was straight up gnarly.

Kingsh*t Mag were on hand to cover the proceedings and the edit they’ve put out really captures just how epic a comp this really was. As you well know there are many facets to skateboarding and sometimes just blasting as high as you can up a wall is as rad as it gets!

Don’t get us wrong, we love a heated street jam or an epic flat ground battle as much as the next guy but there’s no denying Phil Dulude’s fifteen foot high frontside carve is utterly beastly. Throw in a load of tricks as well and you have one hell of a feel good session!

EMPIRE GAMES #2 presented by CONVERSE from Empire on Vimeo.