The Flare Tease

Posted by Route One on 2nd February 2017

Well, who on earth saw this coming!?! To be fair it's going to be kinda hard writing three whole paragraphs about an 18 second teaser that contains no skate tricks whatsoever but this is such big news there was no way we couldn't cover it!

In case you have no clue what we're on about, Lakai Footwear literally just dropped the first teaser for their long awaited follow up to 'Fully Flared', widely regarded as the best skate video of this century.  Thought the team has gone through many changes since 2007 (hell, has it really been ten years??? Wow, we feel old right now...) and the closing pairing of Guy and MJ have moved onto pastures new, there's no denying the hype that's going to be surrounding this one.

With a team consisting of Rick Howard, Mike Carroll, Riley Hawk, Vincent Alvarez, Danny Brady, Jesus Fernandez, Raven Tershey, Stevie Perez and more, how can you not be excited!?! Ok, we've used a heck of a lot of exclamation and question marks in this post but who cares? It's the new Lakai video; exclaiming our excitement is all we can do right now!