The National Skate Co. "Oh Yes"

Posted by Route One on 8th February 2017

Last May The National Skateboard Company's first video 'The National Vid' dropped to much critical acclaim and saw our very own Josh 'Manhead' Young turn pro off the back of his magnificent closing section. The powers that be have now seen fit to share nearly eleven whole minutes of off-cuts footage, from various contributory trips to final piece, and we have to say it's by far and away our favourite thing this week!

Starring Manhead alongside cohorts Gregoire 'Bloby Greg' Cuadrado, Neil Smith, Tom Harrison, Dan West, Vaughan 'MF' Jones, Denis Lynn, Dave Mackey and more, it captures the friendly team vibe brilliantly as well as the expected top notch skateboarding.

With everywhere from the balmiest of Mediterranean hot spots to obligatory Republique appearances, with plenty of comedy slams and banter based hijinx along the way, let them remind you that UK/European skateboarding is not only alive and well but thriving just as vociferously as its US counterpart. Long live the National!