The Reup

Posted by Route One on 29th May 2019

What's more London than Palace? Reuptv, through reuphardware, the brand supplying all your favourite capital roadmen for their nuts and bolts needs!

Featuring Rory Milanes Chewy Cannon, Taylor Lewis, Josh Jennings, Nelly & Mika, the footage in this is so raw it left one Youtube commentator asking "Did Michael J Fox film this on his calculator?" we're done!

It's definitely rad though, seeing a crew of mates, the latest grime cuts and their granddad's video camera coming together in perfect harmony to make the most zeitgeist confirm clip of the decade. If you want it HD and Crafted then click on the Red Bull link, if you want it raw, gritty and barely visible (but in the coolest way possible) then get your fix via Reuptv right now!