Tiago Lemos Crupie Wheels Part

Posted by Route One on 11th June 2020

Crupie wheels is killing it right now! Less than a month since Kai Kishi's amazing VX footy compilation was on Free Mag's website, the South American wheel brand is this time dropping some Thrasher hammers in the form of this suitably bonkers part from your boy Trivago Lemons.

Featuring a load of clips from his time in the UK for Street League (including some proper Lucien-esque Vicky Benches lines) as well as clips from all over the globe, much like you'd expect from an upper echelon pro like Tiago, this is every bit the collection of high popped  and long slid "perfect" skateboarding that we've come to demand from the Primitive Skateboards pro.

Click play to enjoy two minutes of one of the best to ever do it, there aren't many out there like Tiago!