Tom Asta In The Swift 1.5

Posted by Route One on 15th February 2018

For those of you out there who prefer to have your footwear needs fulfilled by somebody other than the increasingly ever-present sportswear giants, there's little denying the original éS Swift is one of the greatest shoes of the past five years. Stylishly simple in looks, yet breathtakingly technical in construction, the powers that be at Sole Technology have pretty much perfected skate shoe design in that one simple model.

At the back end of 2017 éS upped their game even further, releasing the new and improved Swift 1.5 and it's in this shoe that Santa Cruz' immensely talented Tom Asta is entertaining us today.

This brand new piece, filmed by remix specialist extraordinaire Manolo, mixes HD clarity with the wholly preferable (for skateboarding at least) 4:3 ratio and illustrates just how bonkers Tom Asta's board control really is. It also pairs beautifully with the new shoe's late 90's style sensibilities and proves you really can't go wrong with tried and tested class.

Click play to see how rad skateboarding can look when the aesthetics of rider, footwear and camera are done perfectly right!