Tom Karangelov 'String Theory' Case Files

Posted by Route One on 9th July 2020

What's the difference between a Case Files and a Rough Cut? To be honest we haven't a clue. What we are sure of though is that Tom K is an absolute beast!

These raw footage clips of the past few years often serve as a way for brands to get a little extra 'bang for their buck' in terms of exposure, but they also allow us to peep behind the proverbial curtain and sneak a peak at the the battles our favourite pros take on, just to get their trick fix. It's safe to say New Balance's Tom K is more than willing to take a hefty slam in search of that illusive make!

It's also safe to say he has one hell of a creative eye. Be it spots that aren't really spots or lines that take the route less traveled, the Huntington Beach native isn't afraid to tread where others wouldn't dare but somehow he manages to always avoid slipping into circus territory; a noble feat indeed!

Press play for 12 minutes of pure brute self expression; Tom K's got it like that!