Trae Montgomery For Santa Cruz

Posted by Route One on 24th June 2020

Trae Montgomery is nine years old. Let that sink in for a second. The kid is nine.

You remember Osama Bin Laden being killed? That was the year Trae was born. What about the Japanese earthquake? Yep, baby Montgomery burst onto the scene. How's about Charlie Sheen "winning" and getting fired from Two and a Half Men? Only seems like yesterday doesn't it? Yeah, Trae couldn't even crawl back then...

Whether you're relatively new to skateboarding or you were jaded by the time Back To The Future appeared on our cinema screens, the fact that a child of nine is this good at skateboarding should blow your mind. Not since the heady days of Gretchen driving a high flying baby Shecks to those 00's comps has the world been so shocked by a junior's ability* and so we're thrilled to see the young man repping an OG brand like Santa Cruz in this, his first legit full part. 

*Ok, Rayissa Leal defo shocked us more but she could be one of the greatest skateboarders the world will ever know so it's not really fair to compare anyone else to her!