Transworld: Skater's Favourite Skater - Chris Roberts

Posted by Route One on 3rd October 2019

Well, it seems that, despite the demise of its print capabilities, Transworld is still a thing. Sick!

Keeping up their online content is definitely good for skateboarding as a whole; though we love Thrasher as much as the next skater there's only so much of a US skate monopoly we can handle and as good as Vague and Free are, we all know they're not stepping on "The Bible's" toes any time soon.

So it's great to see Transworld still dropping content and even better when it involves everybody's favourite dry witted string bean, the Nine Club's Chris Roberts.

The content in question is the latest episode of 'Skater's favourite skaters' (which should be self explanatory) and see's Chris waxing lyrical about his appreciation for Eric Koston. We get to see Chris not acting disingenuously for once, which is really rather refreshing, and some great archive Frosty footage; you can't really argue with that!