Transworld: The Sour Files

Posted by Route One on 24th August 2016

Transworld skate mag have recently been serialising the raw footage and offcuts collated by the amazing Sour Skateboards crew over its first year of existence and it has been one of the best things we've been party to all summer.

With a team as rich in talent and creativity as the Sour Boys, every single second of onscreen VX1000 goodness has been feverishly devoured by all aware of its actuality; if you aren't in this select club then you have been missing out but there's no excuse anymore - we're delivering it right into your lap and shouting out load just how good this is!

Featuring the likes of Gustav Tonnesen, Erik J Pettersson, Barney Page, Josef Scott Jatta and more, the series reached the episode 10 milestone this past week - meaning any of you who haven't been watching it yet have a rich diet of insane Euro tech to feast upon over the coming days. And those of you that have been watching? Well, you know how good it's been so you need no excuse to watch all the clips again!