Trent McClung is Pro!

Posted by Route One on 3rd October 2017

He may well be part of the most successful crew of siblings in modern day skateboarding, but adidas Skateboarding's Trent McClung has placed himself one step ahead of his brothers Taylor and Trevor by getting himself bumped up to the pro status over at Primitive!

As has become tradition, his ascension to the rank of professional is accompanied by a face-melting clip of his latest on-board accomplishments and, as with everything we've come to expect from P Rod's excellent board brand, it's as clean, clear and crispy as you could possibly hope.

Philly lines, mid west gnar and that L.A. based quick footwork we've all come to love him for; Trent never disappoints when it comes to producing the goods and he wasn't gonna start when it came to such an important part! Click play to sample the steeze then keep an eye out for his board arriving in store!