Trevor McClung: The Route One Interview

Posted by Route One on 10th August 2016

Closing up our series of Etnies chats and following on from our Chris Joslin interview comes Etnies and Plan B team mate Trevor McClung.

Huntington Beach native Trevor, one of three brothers who all turned professional, appeared destined to skate from the womb. Born into an area as rich in skateboard history as one is likely to find and into a family seemingly producing the perfect skateboarding DNA, ability on the four wheeled plank runs through the blood for this young Californian.

A standout part in Plan B's 'True' followed numerous stellar appearances on skateboarding's premiere website (that's 'The Berrics' in case you were wondering) and now he's had the honour of the Route One interview treatment (oh go on, humour our self indulgence). Things are definitely looking rosy for the middle McClung Sibling! Click play to hear his thoughts and inner musing on a number of topics now...