Ty Evans: The Route One Skype Interview Pt.1

Posted by Route One on 26th August 2015

Have you been living under a rock for the last week? If not you'll have surely noticed Ty Evans’ and Mountain Dew’s long awaited ‘We Are Blood’ finally hitting theatres and Itunes accounts the world over.

As part of the media circus whipping itself into a frenzy, we were granted the one and only UK interview with Ty – to say we were honoured was an understatement! Unfortunately Ty wasn’t able to visit the UK so, via the wonder of Skype, we sat down with the world’s premiere skate filmographer to discuss everything from his decision to leave Girl to his penchant for the latest in video technology.

Ty was the perfect gent and, because the chat went on for so long, we’ve had to split this amazing interview up into two parts. Part One is available to watch now, stay tuned for part two coming soon!