Tyler Surrey and Erik J Pettersson in The Moca

Posted by Route One on 13th July 2016

Let’s be honest here, making your mark in the skate bearing world must be one of the hardest parts of skateboarding to crack. Never mind nollie flip crooks on a hand rail, try getting into a market monopolised by one legendary brand; we can’t imagine it is easy!

That hasn’t stopped the guys at Spanish company Mosaic trying though and they’ve actually gone and produced that rarest of commodities to promote their brand; the full length bearing video! Not since the heady days of the mid naughties and the long forgotten FKD video has somebody attempted such a feat (that we can recall) so it was somewhat with trepidation that we first approached the idea of watching such a thing.

Then we heard who was going to be in it and all our fears were allayed; Madars Apse and Javier Sarmiento are two of the greatest of all time and this teaser section, from SK8 Mafia’s Tyler Surrey and Sour representative Erik J Petterron, seriously whets the appetite. Roll on next Monday for the full thing!