Tyson Bowerbank’s ‘An Ode to Tone’ Part

Posted by Route One on 27th January 2016

The biggest travesty about this Thrasher part from SLC native Tyson Bowerbank? The fact that someone so talented and affiliated with such legitimate skateboarding sponsors isn’t one of the biggest names on the planet.

You’ve probably seen the Ride Channel headline, proclaiming the absurdity of his opening trick (back smith 360 kick flip) but by clickbaiting that too Almost (see what we did there ;) ) does him a disservice, given the rest of the section only builds on the sturdy foundations of that first manoeuvre.

The Bones Swiss and DC backed ripper really turns the tech gnar factor up to eleven in this truly mind blowing part, proving once again that the guys over at Thrasher seem to be running a monopoly on the best exclusive content out there right now.