UK Vert: Mancunian Meltdown

Posted by Route One on 4th October 2017

As it has seemingly been since time began (well, for the past twenty years or so at least), Ben and the boys at Sidewalk continue to travel the length and breadth of this fair isle in search of great skateboarding feats, reporting back on all manner of sub-sects of this deeply endearing pastime so we, the viewing public, can keep up to date with what exactly is going on.

This past weekend Monsieur Powell's trusty VX accompanied him to the infamous Beast Rampz skate park in Manchester to cover the annual north western leg of the UK Vert Series, the teasingly entitled 'Mancunian Meltdown,' and capture the highlights of the A Group contest. Featuring established heads Reiss Johnson, Jim Langran, Alex Griffiths and Trevor Johnson (no relation), the lads prove the UK vert scene is not only alive but positively thriving.

Though Sidewalk may no longer exist in the print format many of us fondly recall, it's worth remembering the guys are still out there, repping the UK hard and providing each and every one of us the opportunity to experience the many different facets of the UK skateboarding scene. For every little bit of their tireless hard work we salute them; long may it continue!