Posted by Route One on 17th December 2015

Select members of the international Krew team visited one of Canada’s greatest cities for a quick trip on association with Thrasher magazine and managed to return with this stonking seven minute edit.

Oscar Candon, Spencer Hamilton, Ryan Reyes, Boo Joshnson, AJ Zavala, Taylor Kirby and Isle’s man of the moment Tom Knox can all be found ripping up everything from the crustiest handrails, via perfect plazas, to the grottiest of underground DIY; Vancouver really does have something for everyone as this video makes clearly abundant!

The skating is obviously top notch; with a crew as eclectic as Krew’s we get everything from the sublime technical rail prowess of Spencer to the flowy hessian approach of Reyes. Throw in the long lines of Knox and the ATV destruction of Candon and this becomes quite a clip!